Workplace Diversity Yields Profits for Local Companies. Here’s How Parx Casino Got There:

Parx Casino is one of Bucks County’s leading employers. One of its policies is to have a diverse workforce. It has white, black, Asian American, and Hispanic employees. A quarter of senior executive positions are held by ethnic minorities. Building up a workforce that contains a wide variety of employees from different backgrounds has proven to be beneficial for the casino. It offers an example for other companies and organizations in Bucks County to emulate. Parx Casino began its diversity efforts long before many other companies realized that building a diverse workforce can be good for business.

Rethinking recruitment

Parx Casino had to devise recruitment strategies right from the start to hire employees from diverse backgrounds. This diversity was required by Pennsylvania state law. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) expects casinos to file annual reports on how they promote diversity in the workplace. They can be subject to an on-site diversity review by the board. Parx had to reach the right pool of candidates and create an environment where everyone felt comfortable. This was the case for its brick-and-mortar casino and for Parx Casino online. In the iGaming industry, diversity is essential to thrive and innovate. Different nationalities bring their unique life experiences into the mix and cater to the interests of broader audiences.

An inclusive company culture

At Parx Casino, the company culture has never been typified by young white males as in several other industries. It has built a diverse workforce and is taking an inclusive approach to company culture. If only the top brass tries to diversify a company, the efforts are likely to fail. Parx finds that using current employees to recruit potential employees helps. It also makes job contacts through various ethnic organizations. Getting everyone on board and creating an inclusive culture is easier when it’s possible to link diversity to profits. 

A diversity of ideas

A diverse workforce leads to a diversity of ideas and many different perspectives. With workers of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, differences in perspectives are inevitable. Diversity can disrupt conformity and routines that are taken for granted. Rather than simply following established routines, diversity in thinking can result in being able to streamline processes and make innovations. A report by McKinsey & Company found that companies with more diverse executive teams are more likely to have above-average profitability. When fresh new ideas abound, innovations can lead to an increase in profits.

Better employee retention

Companies like Parx are forward-looking when recruiting workers, but they are also good at retaining them. They create a more welcoming and equitable workplace culture. The team accommodates different abilities, and everyone has a chance to progress in their careers. Representation goes beyond surface-level characteristics and is about valuing different perspectives and experiences. It’s about listening to and addressing the concerns of all employees. They can then feel proud of the company and become ambassadors in their communities.

Attract and retain customers

Diverse leadership teams are associated with higher levels of employee engagement and customer satisfaction. A diverse workforce can create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, no matter what factors distinguish one customer from another. A diverse team mirrors the eclectic nature of the markets it serves. This can also lead to game development and services that appeal to a wider range of customers. Ensuring diversity can ultimately increase revenue and profits.

Entering previously untapped markets

A diverse workforce may also be quicker at picking up customer trends and previously overlooked markets. It can innovate and quickly respond to shifts in the market. This can lead to making better decisions. Innovative gaming experiences resonate with broader audiences which also boosts revenue. The gambling sector is embracing a new era as it not only welcomes diversity but celebrates it.

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