Exploring Netflix’s Smart Downloads and Download for You Features

Netflix stands out in the competition due to its innovative streaming solutions. One of its cutting-edge features is Smart Downloads introduced in 2018. It was designed to help users download and manage their favorite content stress-free. This feature learns about your favorite content using AI and machine learning.

Once you have watched an episode, it deletes it from your list. The feature then downloads the next series or episode automatically. Smart Downloads is useful if you love watching the entire series.

Understanding Smart Downloads

Smart Downloads is a feature that downloads shows on Netflix automatically. Once downloaded, this feature adds the shows to your library. This enables you to watch content offline anytime anywhere. Your WIFI must be on to download shows on Netflix automatically. Automated downloads stop once your internet connection is off. Nevertheless, you can access all the downloaded content and play it offline.

If you want to download Netflix on a MacBook, this feature is not compatible with MacOS. This does not mean you can not download Netflix shows on Mac. There are several ways of going around it and watch Netflix offline on a Mac. You may install a virtual machine on a Mac and then install the Netflix app there. You may also install the app on your iPhone or iPad. There is a mirroring feature to mirror them on Mac once you download your shows. Another method is to install a third-party application. Use this app to screen record shows on Mac. Save your screen records to watch offline later.

Smart Downloads features

Smart Downloads is the feature for you who love watching Netflix on the go. It has important features that make this happen. These features offer great downloading convenience. The features optimize the process to ensure you get the best experience.

  • Wi-Fi-connected downloads. This feature cannot work unless your WIFI is on. It was designed for people who love saving their mobile data.
  • Auto-delete content. This feature is set up to delete episodes once you complete watching them. It removes the content from your gadget to prevent its storage from filling up.
  • Easy content management. Use this feature to control how your downloads happen. Netflix lets you turn it on or off on the app at any time.
  • Automated download. This feature deletes the episodes you’ve watched. Once deleted, it immediately downloads the next one. This saves you time searching for the next episode to download it.
  • Storage optimization. Storage optimization ensures you have enough space in your device all the time. It ensures no watched shows are stored in your gadget.

How to turn on Smart Downloads and Download for You features

Netflix Smart Downloads features take less than a minute to turn on and enable. Make sure the Netflix app is open on your gadget. Check the bottom of your screen and open the Downloads button. Under this field, tap or click the Toggle Smart Downloads key. This action displays the On/Off key on your screen. Slide this key to the On position.

Once the key is on, enable the ‘Download for You’ feature. Open the Downloads button and scroll to find the ‘Download for You’ button. Open this icon and then set up your storage preferences. These preferences limit how much storage you want the shows to take. You may tick on the 1 GB limit, 3 GB or 5 GB. Slide the ON/OFF button to the ON position.

How to turn off smart downloads on Netflix

You can turn off the Smart Downloads feature on Netflix at any time. All automated downloads stop once you turn this feature off. Your already downloaded content does not disappear. You can still watch it anytime and anywhere. When this feature is off, delete the shows you’ve watched manually. Here is the process to turn it off.

Open the Netflix app on your device. Go to the bottom of your screen and open the Downloads button. Check the top of your screen to locate the Smart Downloads ON/OFF slider. Slide the button to the Off position to complete the process.

How to manage Smart Downloads on Netflix

Netflix updates this feature to newer versions regularly. Update it regularly to benefit from the latest security and privacy features. The feature makes recommendations based on your user preferences. Check the latest recommendations often to find recently released shows. Manage your storage regularly to ensure the maximum limit is set. This helps to make sure shows do not take up most of your space. Your gadget may underperform if this happens.


Netflix’s Smart Downloads and Download for You features are useful innovations.  They have changed the way users enjoy streaming since 2018. These features manage your downloads automatically and save you time.  They are useful if you love watching the latest shows on the go. Update the latest version and security patches to benefit from this app to the maximum.

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